February 9, 2019

Entrepreneurial Edge™

Entrepreneurial Edge

Measuring the competencies needed for Entrepreneurial success



The Entrepreneurial Edge measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to ones success in any endeavor that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective.

A revision of the original Entrepreneur Edge, this assessment was developed to fill the gap in the entrepreneur world. Knowing your entrepreneurial self is an asset as critical as having the financial resources to start or grow your venture.With two different report options available, Intrapreneur Report and Entrepreneur Report (coming soon), both individuals and organizations can measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success.

Key Features:

  • 12 Competencies over 4 Action modes
  • Tailored advice for leveraging entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial strengths
  • Tailored advice for building entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial development areas
  • Designed to be applicable for every stage of an entrepreneur or intrapreneur’s venture

The Entrepreneurial Edge Model

Innovation within organizations operates in cycles, which can be broken down into four distinct stages as seen in the Entrepreneurial Edge Model


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