September 30, 2017


Some of Our Clients......

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Iman Omar

Senior Director Global Digital Business Development, Etisalat

"Seema is one of those rare professionals that brings together a beautifully balanced blend of professionalism, expertise and personability! I had a Public Speaking training course with Seema where I came away with a portfolio of tools to enable me to increase my confidence in content and delivery of powerful presentations... Great lady!"

Walid El Orra

 Senior Specialist Training Development, Saudi Arabian Airlines

"Highly qualified and knowledgeable are the words that come to mind when I think about Seema. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Seema during a certified ATD course which I have attended. Above all, I was impressed with Seema's ability to conduct and deliver the class notes in the most pleasant and informative ways. Seema is an intellectual asset and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

Shyam (Kurt) Venkatraman

Digital Strategy, Innovation and Project management Consultant

"Seema is a very competent resource. Extremely focused and analytical, she has always been an asset to the projects she has been involved with."

Amit Bhatia

CEO, GSG (Global Steering Group for Impact Investing)

"I was fortunate to have Seema as a colleague at Aspire for a period of 4 years. A meticulous and thoughtful Psychologist, Seema helped Aspire build multiple products, especially Content and Assessments. Her professional accomplishments at Aspire include development of National Employability Skills Test [NEST], Career Preference Test [CPT], and Career Interest Test [CIT], a question bank of over 13,000 questions, stakeholder surveys and pre-and-post assessments. Seema has a great temperament and a golden heart- I wish her all the best for her future endeavors."