February 8, 2020



Healthcare Management Consultancy


Evidence-based medicine is the new buzzword and requires timely accurate results from high functioning hospitals and Clinical Labs. We focus on applying principles of GCP, GLP and Accreditation to spark this positive transformation. We are passionate about developing and enhancing the potential of existing healthcare systems by optimizing them to deliver profitably accurate timely care for the practice of evidence-based medicine.  With our range of in-depth expertise in this field we provide innovative and creative solutions to help you achieve this objective.

We offer

  • Hospital and Lab Quality Audits coaching and support
  • Training and Preparation for ISO 15189 Accreditation
  • Training and Preparation for CAP accreditation
  • RCA and CAPA training work shops
  • FMEA training and workshop
  • Mock audits to test for audit readiness
  • Training and Preparation for Hospital JCI Accreditation
  • IQC training and workshop
  • ISO 20194 Training: Determining MOU calculation and workshop
  • Emotional Intelligence Practitioner & Trainer Certification

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Cost effective
  • Obtain or maintain accreditation for your clinical laboratory (ISO 15189 & CAP)
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and standards
  • Reduce risks in Clinical Lab Testing
  • Minimize costs, increase staff confidence in their reports
  • Meet technical requirements
  • Ensure optimum performance and reliability of lab equipment and processes
  • Bring validated lab tests to market
  • Monitor the performance and quality of Lab Tests and processes
  • Ensure a competitive advantage through certification
  • Identify and disseminate best practices
  • Develop the technical skills of staff and help them strive towards excellence

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you would like details on any of the programs listed.