March 16, 2018

Discovery Leadership Profile™

Provides leaders with feedback on how their specific management practices are perceived by others.


The Discovery Leadership Profile gathers perspectives regarding leadership performance from an individual in a leadership position along with other raters. Based on research that identifies the key competencies for effective leadership, performance is measured using 40 items grouped into 10 competency categories. The results of the leader’s self-assessment are then compared to the combined results of the raters, completing the leadership style assessment in order to clearly highlight strengths and developmental needs.


  • Enables leaders to learn how those who are important to their success see their performance
  • Compares self-perceptions to the perceptions of others
  • Identifies leaders' strengths and developmental needs in categories identified as important for effective leadership
  • Provides a starting point for further developmental planning

With the Discovery Leadership Profile, leaders will:

  • Understand a common model for leadership effectiveness
  • Benchmark their individual leadership performance
  • Establish goals and monitor their efforts at adopting new behaviors
  • Receive verbatim comments from raters through customized questions

Discovery Leadership Profile Sample Report



Certification or qualification is required prior to purchasing this assessment. Learn more about the certification or qualification process here.


Included in your certification is a facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides, and other resources that allow you to run a workshop or training program using the assessment.